Rhodoshop facilitated public procurement for over 3 million Euro

Rhodoshop OSS facilitate and assist pilot municipalities through energy audits, technical and economic assessments, search for suitable funding, preparing investment project pipelines to match the requirements of the funding bodies, etc. As of 31 August 2021 Rhodoshop have facilitated the six pilot municipalities in launching public procurement tenders for energy efficiency projects amounting to  2,9…

Presentation of Rhodoshop project at the conference “One-Stop Shops in the EU: current and future role in building renovation”

Rhodoshop project was presented at the conference “One-stop-shops in the EU: current and future role in building renovation”, organised by JRC in Brussels on 13 March 2019. The main project activities were presented to the audience and the outcomes, results and lessons learnt have been discussed during the panel discussion of the event.